Free Xercise4Less Gym Pass

Xercise 4 Less

Up-and-coming budget gym, Xercise4Less is expanding at numerous locations in the UK, and here you can obtain a free day pass. It lets you test-drive the gym’s facilities before you commit to a membership.

As the 2013 winner of “Budget Gym of the Year”, Xercise4Less is more affordable than the majority of larger gym chains, and with memberships starting from £9.99, you can see why.

There are currently over 10 locations with a number already in the pipeline and due for opening. Each gym has approximately 400 pieces of equipment and over 35 weekly exercise classes.

As you would expect, various memberships are available, including peak/off peak, and also team/corporate memberships.

Are you paying too much for your gym membership? Maybe it’s time to try something new; obtain your free gym pass below!

Get it here: Sign up for a free Xercise4Less gym pass