Win £50 Worth of Lenor Unstoppables

Lenor Unstoppables

At the GetTestKeep site, you can register for an opportunity to test out £50 worth of Lenor Unstoppables products. These handy capsules help to keep your washing fresher (and softer) for longer – in fact, up to 12 weeks! A tester is required before 2nd November 2017, so follow the instructions and answer a few simple questions to participate.

Lenor Unstoppables is available in a number of different scents: Fresh, Bliss, Lavish and Uplift. To use, simply add the small beads into your regular laundry wash and experience softer, fresher clothing for longer. You can also mix and match fragrances to create your own unique scent.

Please note: if you are selected as a product tester, you will receive £50 worth of Lenor Unstoppables. After testing the product, you are asked to provide feedback to the promoter for market research purposes. Providing feedback also means you’re entitled to keep the products for as long as you wish.

Sign-up today for your chance to become a product tester at GetTestKeep.

Get it here: Register to become a Lenor Unstoppables product tester