Free Vodafone SIM Card & 100 Free Minutes

Vodafone SIM

On this page, you can quickly obtain a Freedom SIM card from Vodafone – either one or two SIMs, depending on your requirements. Both standard and Micro SIMs are available, so if your handset requires a particular type of SIM, most models should be compatible.

Vodafone’s SIM packages give you freebies when you top-up each month. Here’s one example: top-up by £10 to get 100 minutes, 300 texts and 50MB Internet access. £20 gets you 300 minutes, 3000 texts (more than enough for even heavy texters!), and 500MB Internet, which is plenty for medium usage.

If you allocate money to your SIM on a monthly basis, there are added bonuses. Vodafone will send you a Freebie Rewardz code and these are ideal for saving up for use against a new phone, or as discount on DVD rental, etc.

We’ve found SIM deals such as this are especially popular with users of unlocked phones, or handsets that haven’t been upgraded. Many people are breaking free from their contracts and going on SIM only or monthly rolling deals instead, and with extras like this, who can blame them? Get your free SIM today and begin enjoying the rewards!

Get it here: Request a free Vodafone SIM card