Prey: Free Anti Mobile Theft



A fantastic anti-theft program for your smartphone, tablet or laptop. If you are ever unfortunate enough to lose one of these devices, your chances of recovery are pretty slim. That is, unless you use an application like Prey. With this nifty tool, you can track down stolen/missing devices anywhere in the world.

This open source project is available for Android, iOS, Apple, Windows and Linux. It works as follows: you download and install the software to your device. The program then hides in the background, hidden away from the end user and unbeknown to any snoopers who happen to acquire your handset or tablet.

In the event you need to designate your device as stolen, you simply log-in to an online control panel (accessible via any web connection). This administration area lets you perform a variety of tasks, from setting the device as “missing”, to helping you set various options. Multiple devices can be controlled from one single location, making the service easy to use and intuitive.

If one of your devices becomes lost, the control panel should be your first port of call. Set the device in question to “stolen” and then use the controls to pinpoint the location using GPS. You can also completely lock down the device, erase passwords and covertly use the camera to take snapshots (ideal for gaining prosecutions for stolen equipment), or screenshots. You can also opt to receive regular reports via e-mail with data such as location, files accessed, programs launched, etc.

A “Pro” version is available for business users. Download Prey Pro to handle three or more devices (up to a maximum of 500 devices). There have been hundreds of successful recoveries all around the world. Don’t take a chance – download Prey today!

Get it here: Visit the official Prey website