A popular paid surveys website, where you can earn rewards for completing online surveys. newvistalive lets you earn real cash amounts, and you can even interact with other members to gain a real community feel to proceedings.

Registering is very easy indeed and takes only a few minutes. After which, you will be eligible to complete surveys when available. The company will send an alert and direct you to the appropriate questionnaire to fill out.

Survey sites similar to newvistalive are ideal for anyone who likes to provide feedback (either positive or negative) on a variety of issues, especially consumer-related issues. The feedback provided is used to help the development of future products and services. It is, in essence, a form of market research. So if you want to shape the future, albeit in a small way, why not give it a try?

Head over to the “News” section to see the latest information on members’ earnings, including the latest competition winners (a number of prize draws are held throughout the year). The “Testimonials” section is a recommended read and contains dozens of motivational comments from new and established members.

Unlike the vast majority of similar sites, payment at newvistalive is via cheque, so you can put it straight in the bank!

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