Netflix: Free 30 Day Trial


Try out one of the world’s most popular on-demand entertainment services. Netflix provides instant access to the top television programmes, plus movies and other entertainment – all streamed instantly via the Internet. Available on many devices: mobiles, games consoles, smart TV, tablets, and more.

The service lets you watch thousands of films and TV programmes in numerous genres, from comedies and documentaries, to general entertainment, sci-fi and drama. With thousands of films and programmes, including some of the biggest “box set” style series, you will never be short of something to watch.

This free 1-month trial contains no irritating advertisements or commitments, letting you enjoy the service as intended. After the one month trial has been completed, the charge is £5.99 a month. No lengthy contracts are available at Netflix and you can cancel the service with a month’s notice. PLEASE NOTE: to avoid a charge, simply cancel before the trial period has ended.

Devices supported include: PC, smartphones (Android and Apple), Nintendo Wii, Xbox, popular tablets, and more, making the service ideal for when travelling, or for use in the home. The faster your connection to the Internet, the better your experience will be. Netflix allows users to pause, rewind and skip programmes, plus jump to particular episodes and save viewing locations. Three packages are available: Basic, Standard and Premium.

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