Napster: 30 Day Trial


A name from times past. Napster became famous in the early 2000s for its peer-to-peer file sharing software. Today, the service has transformed to become a subscription-based music application, offering access to over 25 million songs in every genre. Get a 30 day trial today.

With a fresh new look, Napster’s software functions on many devices, including PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone and smart audio systems. Using the app, you’ll have an enormous library of music at your fingertips, with the ability to play any song imaginable at the click of a button – regardless of location. All that’s required is Internet access.

Using the service, you can create and manage track playlists, discover new music, listen to radio stations, and also gain access to exclusive content, such as interviews from your favourite artists. Better still, you can download and store favourite tracks to your smartphone, ready to listen to and play when offline.

Two key plans are available: ‘Napster Unlimited’ at £5 per month, which is a desktop-only version, for PC and Mac. ‘Napster Unlimited Plus Mobile’ is the most popular package with added support for mobile devices (recommended for when commuting or out of the office). Supported platforms include: Apple, Android, Windows and Nook.

After the free trial has ended, the cost to continue running the service is £10 per month (or £5, if you opt for the desktop version). You can cancel at any point and there are no long-term contracts, making Napster flexible and affordable.

Get it here: Register for a free trial at Napster