LastPass Password Manager



Do you often have trouble remembering passwords for various websites? LastPass is one of the best free password management services we’ve seen and allows you to organise all your passwords in one convenient place. Save time and stay safe online.

The software prompts you to enter a password after visiting sites requesting a log-on. On your next visit, the password will be saved ready to use – saving you time logging into your favourite sites. The service works effortlessly with major browsers and is secured with high levels of encryption. In addition to passwords, LastPass is also able to handle profiles for online shopping, including credit card and delivery details. Separate profiles can even be established for each family member. The end result is smoother, more secure online shopping.

The LastPass Vault is a central location where all passwords are securely stored. In here, you can organise, view, delete and edit stored password data. If you are struggling to come up with a secure password for a new site you’ve discovered, use the LastPass password generator. This will automatically create a highly secure password for maximum security. What’s more, since the software will remember it on your behalf, you needn’t remember that secure, albeit complicated, set of characters.

Downloading LastPass takes less than a minute on most broadband connections and can be installed within a similar amount of time. Setting up the service is also straight-forward with easy prompts appearing within your web browser. A “premium” version is available for members who require extended mobile access and additional functionality.

Get it here: Download LastPass