Get Fit and Save Money

Get Fit and Save

Get Fit And Save Money

A healthy lifestyle does not always mean spending lots of money. While some people think getting fit involves committing to a costly gym membership, in reality there are many ways to improve your overall health and fitness. Even if you are considering the benefits of joining a gym, there are still ways to save money.

Below you’ll see our selection of tips for saving money and getting fit in the process.

Free Fitness Passes

Before committing to a gym membership, which will likely tie you in for a number of months, be sure to obtain a free gym pass or trial membership session. This way, you can see if the gym is right for you. Many people often regret getting locked into an expensive, recurring gym membership, so it is important to ensure you get value for money. Signing up and then only attending once a month will be counterproductive, so try before you buy.

Bring a Friend Gym Days

Training with a friend is said to be more productive and enjoyable. In fact, some gyms let members bring friends along for free sessions. If you are aware of a friend who already attends the gym, ask about member promotions. In many cases, you will be able to attend for a gym buddy trial, either free of charge or at a vastly reduced fee.

Go Running or Cycling

A free and highly effective way to improve fitness is to grab some sports gear and head out running. If this doesn’t take your fancy, a spot of cycling is equally as beneficial. Even walking is considered an effective form of exercise, and if you regularly use the car to head down to the shops, consider a walk instead. Locally organised fun runs and charity events are also worth investigating. Get fit and support great causes!

Home workouts

One alternative to joining a gym is to workout at home. Purchasing some basic equipment can, in the long run, be a whole lot cheaper than taking out a gym membership. Investing in a set of weights or cardiovascular equipment is the route of choice for many people nowadays. The Internet contains a vast array of exercises you can try at home, plus various DVD and online videos are available for limited cost.

Eat healthier

It is a myth that eating healthy costs more money. Takeaways and ‘ready meals’ may be convenient after a long day at work, but they won’t improve your health and vitality. Eating healthily does not have to be a chore and there are many healthy meals that can be made quickly and affordably. Try investing in a ‘healthy meals’ cooking book for great recipe tips.

Outdoor fitness classes

Outdoor fitness classes are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to organisations like British Military Fitness. These group exercise classes are an excellent way to get fit and meet new people. Aside from the fitness and social benefits, they also tend to offer flexible payment options and can be cheaper than traditional fitness centres. Investigate local groups and try a taster session. If you enjoy the outdoors, these classes could be a solid alternative.

Cheaper Gyms

Large fitness chains have a tendency to dominate the gym marketplace in the UK, but if you search around, you are sure to find some cheaper alternatives. Less established, smaller gyms often have more personalised service and flexible membership options. As people look to save money, a number of ‘discount’ gyms have also started opening up across the country. Be on the lookout for startup gyms, as these often have great member incentives and affordable membership fees.

Sports Clubs

Another way to get fit and save money is to join a sports club. It could be anything: football, squash, athletics, running, etc. Member fees (often known as ‘subs’) for the year can be highly affordable, but many clubs also accept fees on a pay-as-you-go basis, providing you with additional payment options. Attending a sports club is also another way to meet new people and participate in joint activities. Plus numerous social events are often organised throughout the year!