Free Water Saving Pack from United Utilities

United Utilities

Here, you can request a free water saving pack from United Utilities. The pack contains various devices and helpful ‘how to’ guides on how to cut down your water usage, thereby saving money on your water bill.

Two packs are available to request: Deluxe Edition and Cool Loo Edition. The ‘Deluxe’ variant contains a 4-minute shower timer, a shower regulator, a toothy timer (for when brushing your teeth), tap aerators, and a save-a-flush for your toilet. The Cool Loo Edition includes around three save-a-flush devices, which help save water when flushing, plus a free ‘water audit’ guide, packed with tips on how to cut your water use.

The site also includes a number of ‘how to fit’ videos, showcasing the steps needed to fit (for example) tap aerators, a shower timer, cistern displacement device, or shower regulator. Be sure to refer to these if you are unsure how to go about fitting the devices. It can help save a whole lot of time and helps to reduce any errors, which can make the devices less effective.

Please note: this freebie is only available to United Utilities customers. There is also a limit of one pack per household, subject to availability. You may be asked to provide your United Utilities account number prior to ordering.

Get it here: Request free water-saving devices