Free Tickets to Allergy & Free From Show

Allergy Show

The Allergy & Free From Show

Here, you can request free tickets to The Allergy & Free From Show, the largest show of its kind in Europe. The show features everything anti-allergy, particularly food and drink, but also products intended to help sufferers of other allergies. Available for London and Liverpool.

To obtain a free e-ticket, which you can request, download and then print off, complete the short form. The London show is held at the Olympia on 8th-10th July 2016. The Liverpool show is on 5th-6th November 2016 at the Exhibition Centre. There is also a Glasgow event on 11th-12th March 2017. The show is ideal for anyone who live ‘free from’ wheat, eggs, dairy, nuts, or suffer from allergies caused by hayfever, dust, latex and the like.

The exhibition features a host of interesting things to try and do, including free food tasting sessions, recipe workshops, the best anti-allergy skincare products, plus solutions to combat hayfever. Inside, you’ll also discover the Sainsbury’s Kitchen, showcasing their popular Freefrom range. A recipe exchange is also offered by Sainsbury’s and provides you with the opportunity to swap tasty recipes with other attendees.

A full list of exhibitors can be found on the website and you can search for a particular type of stand. Information for visitors is also provided – just click the ‘Visitor Info’ navigation link for further details. A full list of what’s on is available online. Anyone interested in exhibiting can find details on how to apply.

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