Free SMA Baby Helpsheets


At this site, you can find a selection of over 25 pregnancy and baby helpsheets in PDF format. Courtesy of SMA Nutrition, helpsheets are available for: Pregnancy, Newborn, Baby and Toddler ages. Available in English, Urdu, Polish, Arabic and some other languages.

With over 90 years worth of experience with advanced baby nutrition, SMA is one of the most knowledgeable baby product companies you’ll find anywhere. The helpsheets cover a wide range of topics from breastfeeding, travelling with your baby and nutrition, to antenatal scans and packing your hospital bags. Below is a roundup of the type of topics covered.

Pregnancy: Your hospital bags, nutrition during pregnancy, antenatal scans, bonding with your bump, morning sickness, understanding your maternity notes, and more.

Newborn: Breastfeeding, nutrition while breastfeeding, preparing and giving a bottle, holding your baby, getting your baby into a routine, etc.

Baby: Nutrition for babies (6-12 months), winding, tummy troubles, coping with a fussy eater, weaning, etc.

Toddler: Toddler proofing your home, toddler weaning, toddler portion guide, potty training, encouraging your baby to walk, and toddler development.

A free careline is available which you can turn to for additional support, should you need answers to any questions. This is a completely free service used by hundreds of parents every week. The telephone line is available for UK and Ireland. The SMA website also contains a wide range of information and separates content into baby age groups, so you can quickly find information to suit your needs.

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