Free Pampers Baby Vouchers & Freebies


Sign-up to the Pampers Programme to obtain all kinds of great freebies, including up to £10 worth of money-off vouchers, product samples, baby magazines and personalised e-mail newsletters.

To register, complete the online form and enter basic details about your child, such as boy/girl and age. This is to ensure the programme content is tailored to your baby’s age. The Pampers website is a treasure trove of useful information on all things baby, from pregnancy and newborns, to toddlers and pre-school. Using the online slider, you can customise the website content to suit the information required.

The type of content is varied and includes information on selecting baby names, breastfeeding, diet, health, giving birth, potty training, sleeping, and lots more besides. Here, you can also see a full selection of Pampers products, including nappies, pyjama pants, wipes and changing mats. Featured products include Pampers Baby Dry Nappies, New Baby Sensitive Nappies, Pampers Sensitive Wipes, and Pampers Active Fit. Full product details are included along with the appropriate age ranges. A feature is also available to create your own online baby diary, charting your baby’s key milestones.

Be sure to follow Pampers on Facebook for the latest news and exclusive promotions. The Pampers YouTube channel is also well worth viewing and contents great information on all things baby-related.

Get it here: Sign-up for the Pampers Baby Club