Free Lights by TENA Sample

Lights by TENA

A popular and long-standing freebie. Here, you can try a free sample of Lights by TENA. As the website states, these are “designed for oooops moments” and absorb more effectively than other similar products. You may select from a number of product varieties.

Note: the sample pack will be distributed to you in plainpackaging to avoid any embarrassment. You may select from the following: Light Liners, Liners, Liners with Single Wrap, and Long Liners. Each version has a different level of absorbency, depending on your needs.

The Lights by TENA website contains a wealth of information on the topic and is an excellent resource for sufferers of mild bladder weakness. There’s an informative “Myths & Facts” section, plus a “Why It Happens” section. A section of beneficial pelvic exercises can also be found. This is quite detailed and contains plenty of reading material. Incidentally, a smartphone app can be downloaded to assist with these exercises and is available for both Android and iOS (Apple devices).

The product is available to purchase at the following stores, including all major supermarkets: Boots, Superdrug, Savers, Rowlands Pharmacy, Waitrose, and Wilkinson. Please allow approximately 30 days for delivery of the freebie. There is a limit of one pack per person.

Get it here: Obtain a free pack of Lights by TENA