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Boots Hearing Test

Book a free hearing test online, courtesy of Boots Hearingcare. The tests are completely free of charge – just book an appointment at your local Boots hearing centre, either online or via telephone.

It is said that 1 in 6 adults within the UK are experiencing some form of hearing loss. If you have been struggling with your hearing recently, or are aware of a friend or family member that may require a test, book an appointment on 0333 331 4800, or alternatively book using the online facility. You can also find your nearest store by using the postcode finder.

At the hearing test, you will receive a free hearing health check (approximately 15 minutes long), plus a full hearing test and consultation. The full hearing test consists of four stages: An initial consultation to discuss your hearing, an ear examination prior to the test, the test itself, then a consultation to discuss your results. Boots provide a number of hearing aids, from basic models right up to premium with the most sophisticated technology.

The site has a wealth of information on all things related to hearing, from details on hearing tests, to information on hearing aids, hearing and hearing loss, and a great Frequently Asked Questions section, which aims to answer common questions related to the Boots hearing test. We highly recommend you browse through the website to find further details as it will answer many of your questions. Alternatively just pop in to your local Boots Hearingcare centre.

Various promotions are also available from time to time, such as discounts on invisible hearing aids. Be sure to ask about the latest deals prior to purchasing (it could save you money!).

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