Free Go-Cat Crunchy & Tender Cat Food

Go Cat

This popular freebie for cat owners has been around before, but now a new batch of samples has become available, so here’s a second opportunity to try Purina Go-Cat Crunchy & Tender cat food. The product sample comes in a 50g pack.

The Crunchy & Tender range, as the name suggests, contains two different textures for your cat to enjoy. Available in five tasty flavours, the product provides a number of proteins and essential fats to ensure excellent nutrition and muscle development. Other additional ingredients include vitamin D.

The following varieties are available: “Beef”, “Tuna and Added Vegetables”, “Chicken and Added Vegetables and Chicken”, “Salmon”, “Turkey and Added Vegetables”. Once you’ve requested the free sample, be sure to visit the other areas of the Go-Cat site. Here, you’ll find tons of useful information on cat nutrition, plus a comprehensive FAQs section and “lifestyle guide”.

Product details and information on other Go-Cat lines can be found by visiting the “Range” link in the main navigation. To obtain a sample pack, as usual, complete the short online request form and the freebie will be despatched to your doorstep, subject to availability.

Get it here: Request a free Go-Cat sample