Free Eye Test at Tesco Opticians

Tesco Opticians

The UK’s largest supermarket chain is not something people generally associate with eye care, but here’s an offer that might just change the tide. Tesco Opticians are currently offering free eye tests to customers who register via their website.

Available at larger Tesco stores (mostly Extra), Tesco Opticians provide a wide range of services, from sight testing and diagnosis, to prescription glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. They also provide various other services and accessories.

A typical test will take approximately half an hour and consist of pre-screening, including a discussion of any problems you may be facing, plus details on your general health and family history. At this point, the optometrist will also determine if you have any specific requirements (for example, if you play sport or use glasses for driving).

The test is similar to sight tests you would find in any high-street optician and will vary depending on your individual circumstances. To book at appointment online, just select the large “book an appointment” image, then enter your town or postcode. A list of nearby stores will then appear.

Get it here: Sign-up for a free Tesco eye test