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The Spectator

At this site, you can test-drive a free issue of the popular magazine, The Spectator. Regarded as “the finest weekly magazine in the English language”, it contains features on current issues, politics, books, arts and life. Both entertaining and informative.

Inside the pages, you’ll discover an up-beat style of writing combined with “perceptive” political analysis. With an army of the top writers in the UK, The Spectator really stands out from the crowd. Colourful and witty illustrations come as standard and add to what is already an excellent read at any time of the day.

With over 180 years in circulation, the publication is among the most highly regarded in Britain, and a must-read for anyone wanting further analysis of the week’s major issues. Obtaining a copy for yourself is very easy indeed:

Simply enter your details into the online request form, making sure to provide an up-to-date telephone number. Please note: in order to confirm delivery, a representative will contact you by either phone or e-mail with further details on how to subscribe. Taking out a subscription is optional and will not impact upon your free trial issue.

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