Free British Military Fitness Class

British Military Fitness

Sign-up for a free trial class at British Military Fitness, a popular outdoor fitness programme that uses proven military techniques to help achieve your aims. Our guess is it’s probably not for the faint-hearted and you can expect to be put through your paces!

The outdoor fitness class is available at over 130 locations across the UK so there’s bound to be a venue nearby. The classes are guided by over 800 experienced instructors nationwide (some having had more than 15 years training experience). Approximately 400 classes are available 7 days a week for the vast majority of the year.

You can find your nearest location by using the search facility on the BMF Web site. Just enter your post code to find out the venue and time schedule. Classes are available for beginners and this free trial is perfect to gauge if the events are something you may be interested in.

To get your trial voucher, select the “try a free class” link on the BMF site, then complete the short health questionnaire. You can also register for regular e-mail alerts and sign-up to various social media profiles to keep updated with the latest goings-on.

Get it here: Register for a free class at British Military Fitness