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Heart Matters

Register for the British Heart Foundation’s Heart Matters programme to receive regular information from the charity, plus a free subscription to ‘Heart Matters’, a glossy magazine. In addition, you’ll receive a free recipe folder and tape measure to check your waistline.

As mentioned, members will receive a free welcome pack, containing the latest issue of Heart Matters magazine, plus subsequent issues both in print or online format (depending on your preference). The magazine contains articles, recipes, real-life stories, plus details on the charity and how donations are helping to fund new research.

A recipe folder is also included within the welcome pack and is ideal for organising healthy recipes. Additionally, you’ll receive a free measuring tape designed to check you’re in healthy shape. Members can also access a variety of online tools and resources, plus an online community where experiences can be shared and tips and advice communicated to one another. A helpline is available to members and staffed by fully qualified cardiac nurses, should you need any advice.

To register and obtain the free pack, click the ‘Join’ button and enter your details on the form. If you’ve previously registered at BHF but have so far not requested to become a member of Heart Matters, you can simply log-in. Your details should be saved in the system.

The website contains plenty of further information and details on how you can get involved in supporting the charity. There’s also an online shop where you can purchase merchandise to help aid your own fundraising efforts.

Get it here: Register for BHF membership and a free magazine trial