Free Acuvue Contact Lens Trial



Thinking of trying out contact lenses? Then here you can find details on how to get a free trial of ACUVUE brand lenses. Follow the instructions to obtain a voucher, which you can present at your opticians for the trial (where available).

If like many people you want to ditch the glasses but don’t wish to opt for laser eye surgery, contact lenses are a good compromise. You can still wear glasses, but swap them for contracts during (for example) sports or special occasions, such as evenings out.

The ACUVUE range is among the most popular and quality anywhere available, and includes lenses for both short and long-sighted individuals. Lenses for astigmatism are also available, as are lenses to help enhance your natural beauty. As you would expect from a leading brand, the technology used in the ACUVUE lenses is highly advanced and designed to improve vision while maintaining comfort. In fact, some people state it’s like wearing no lenses at all.

The website contains a handy search feature where you can locate a nearby eye care practitioner. Alternatively, just head into your nearest optician to enquire about a trial. A voucher is not always required. Note: An optician appointment will be necessary before you are able to trial the ACUVUE lenses. This is to ensure your eyes are healthy enough to handle contacts, plus to ensure the correct type of lenses for your circumstances. If you have a recent contact lens prescription, the eye care provider may be able to let you trial the lenses without an eye test. In any case, enquiring will enable you to ask any relevant questions.

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