Dress Well and Save Money

Dress Well and Save

Dress Well and Save

Buying new clothing and keeping up-to-date with the latest fashion trends requires some savvy shopping, especially if you’re on a budget. Below, we feature some of the most popular ways to save on fashion. Don’t forget to suggest any more tips and we will include them here.


The world’s largest auction website is the first port of call for many people wanting to sell old clothing. And if you’re looking to pick up a bargain, performing regular searches can uncover some real gems. In many cases, ‘nearly new’ and excellent condition clothing can be found, often as a result of members selling unwanted gifts, or items that they’ve hardly worn. Even brand new bargains can be found at Ebay, so it’s well worth sifting through the thousands of items available.

Social groups

In this age of social media, clothing ‘swap and buy’ groups exist on virtually every social networking platform. In many cases there will be specialist groups dedicated to your local area, especially on sites like Facebook. By joining these groups, you’ll have instant access to people selling (or even giving away!) unwanted clothing, plus you’ll be able to sell some of your own unwanted items. If you want to bag a bargain, social is a great choice.

Outlet stores

Rather than heading to the high-street where prices for brand-named goods are often at a premium, try visiting an outlet store instead. Outlet stores often specialise in last-season designs or unwanted stock from the main product line. As a result, you can often find some amazing cut-price bargains. The UK has a wide range of outlet villages all around the country and many are within easy travelling distance of most people. See what you can find!

Discount labels

Shopping for designer goods may make you feel like a million pounds, but if you’re looking to save money, branded gear is probably best avoided. Getting the balance right between price and quality is often a challenge when it comes to shopping for clothing. On one hand most people don’t want to pay over the odds for an item. On the other, cheap material usually doesn’t last (or quickly becomes misshapen in the wash). For discount gear, try supermarket clothing sections and more affordable fashion shops, such as Primark and H&M. If you want to go a little more upmarket, search out sales at your favourite stores or try and obtain discount by using voucher codes.

Charity shops

Rummaging through the various charity shops in your town is a popular and fruitful way to pick up cheap items of clothing. Not only can you find some great bargains, you’ll be helping out a worthy cause. While searching for suitable items in a charity shop can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, the rewards are often worth the effort. Not every item will be of interest, but there might be the odd piece that takes your eye. Try searching numerous charity shops on a regular basis. There is no telling what you might find.

Clothes swaps

Family and friends can be an excellent source of free clothing. Swapping unwanted items or using hand-me-downs is a great way to get some new free gear. If sizes are too large, or if you’ve purchased something that isn’t quite to your taste, remember to pass it on. Similarly, if your friends or family are so inclined, borrowing clothing for events is another way to save. Just remember to wash any items before returning!


Classified advertisements are well worth investigating for affordable, unwanted clothing. Searching in local newspapers or dedicated classified publications, such as Loot, can often uncover some cheap wares. In addition, online classifieds sites are also reliable places to find cheap clothes. Log-on to providers such as Gumtree, Vivastreet and Freeads.

Voucher codes

Discount vouchers or ‘voucher codes’ entitle you to discount on your shopping. Although they usually apply to online retailers, many high-street stores, restaurants and outlets now accept voucher codes. Before making a purchase online, search for a discount using your favourite search engine, or visit a dedicated voucher codes website. Typical discounts include free delivery, or up to 10% off some product lines. A word of warning: it is important to check the discount code expiry date and use within the allocated time period.

Store sales

Not the most exotic of tips, but seeking out the best sales is still a reliable way to save cash at your favourite clothing stores. Sales are typically held at the end of each season as a way of getting rid of old stock and creating space for new. Having said that, some shops hold sales at other times of the year as well, so it is worth keeping an eye on the latest announcements. Check out pre and post Christmas for some of the biggest deals – and don’t forget to search through any bargain buckets or ‘sale rails’!