Avast Free Antivirus Software



One of the most popular free anti-virus programs. Avast’s “Free Antivirus” software is a solid choice if you’d rather opt for a free alternative to commercial security programs. Afree 30-day trial is also available of Avast’s high-end product, “Internet Security”.

Free Antivirus provides basic protection against virus and spyware threats and is suitable for the vast majority of non-commercial users. There are some shortfalls with the free version, most notably the lack of spam protection and anti-phishing features. However, Avast performs extremely well as a stand-alone anti-virus (and you can further bolster security by applying a freeware firewall tool).

Should you wish to try the more powerful “Internet Security” software, a 30-day trial is available. The program has the same anti-virus/anti-spyware features of the free variety, but enhances protection by blocking hacker attacks, securing personal data, halting spam, protecting against phishing scams, and more. It also lets you run programs in a safe environment until you can be sure they are legitimate.

Both programs feature Remote Assistance, so if you require a tech-savvy friend to help out, this can be arranged as long as you both use Avast. The company also produces some other excellent tools, such as “BackUp” – a backup and file encryption utility, and “EasyPass” – a password management tool. Check them out!

Get it here: Visit the Avast website