50p off Plenty Paper Towels


Save some cash on your next purchase of Plenty by requesting a free voucher here, redeemable for 50p off Plenty Super Strong and other varieties. The product is has “the cleaning power of a cloth in a paper towel” and is ideal for cleaning up spills, or as a general kitchen/household paper towel.

Obtaining the voucher is easy: just complete the short form and then select “I’d like to print out my coupon”. Then click the “get your coupon” button. Taken this to your nearest participating retailer (usually most supermarkets) to redeem.

From time to time, the Plenty website also features competitions – although not on a regular basis. Head on over to the “Your tips and more” area by selecting the navigation button to find a list of user-commented tips on how to keep clothing and your home clean and sparkly. If you have any of your own tips, be sure to share. Fellow users will appreciate it!

Get it here: Get 50p off your next purchase of Plenty