Quidco: Earn Cashback On Shopping



This provider lets you earn money back on your shopping. Quidco has over 4 million members and 4000 retailers that you can claim cashback at. Before making that purchase, go via Quidco. You’ll save pounds on your shopping.

The site operates as follows: register to obtain a Quidco account. When you wish to buy something from an established retailer, locate the company name via Quidco and click through to purchase. Once you have completed the transaction, your purchase will be tracked, and you’ll earn a cash reward. The more purchases you make, the more cashback you’ll receive.

Quidco not only lets you earn money back on your online shopping, you can also earn cashback on high street shopping, too. Their In-store Cashback feature works in conjunction with your smartphone when you’re out and about (or alternatively, you can activate cashback on the main website prior to shopping).

There’s also ClickSnap grocery, enabling you to generate cashback on grocery shopping and Quidco Opinions, which allows you to claim money back for completing surveys.

At the site, you can browse through various categories to locate a specific store, or use the simple search facility. Top offers of the week are featured on the home page, along with the percentage of cashback you can claim per purchase.

The Quidco Mobile app is particularly impressive and highly recommended, especially if you’re serious about generating as much cashback as possible. Registration is completely free of charge and support is available should you require any assistance.

Get it here: Sign-up for cashback at Quidco