MUBI: 90 Days Free Trial



A must-try service for fans of international, cult, classic and modern cinema. MUBI Picture House serves up films to watch on a daily basis. Register for a free trial and get 90 days of world class cinema free of charge.

MUBI stream films to numerous devices, including desktop PC, mobile, tablet, laptop, and some games consoles. Every day, a new film becomes available, and you have 30 days to watch it. As a result, a total of 30 different films are constantly available throughout the month.

Some example titles include: The Servant (1963), Blood Simple (1984), Alphaville (1965), Contempt (1963) and Murder On The Orient Express (1974). There is a balanced offering, from the more classical films to contemporary cult releases. Movies can also be saved and watched offline in High Definition using an Android or Apple iOS device.

Subscription prices start from as little as £2.99 a month and various packages are available. Please note: a credit card is required to take advantage of this offer, but you may cancel your subscription within the free trial period to avoid being charged. Please refer to the site’s full terms and conditions for further clarification. Register today to take advantage of this excellent, high quality cinema website.

Get it here: Register for a free trial at MUBI