Free O2 SIM Card



Billed as “the only tariff that gets better with time, from £10 a month”. O2’s selection of SIMs are made to suit your lifestyle: whether you’re a texter, talker, or Internet user.

The highly popular “Pay & Go Go Go” package includes 500 texts, 75 minutes of calls, and 250MB (ideal for low to average usage) for a £10 top-up. Need more resources? £15 a month and £20 a month packages are also available with more minutes, texts and data.  Remember, if you select “Pay & Go Go Go”, your limits double after three months, so it pays to stick around!

SIMs are also available for international callers (calls are charged to other countries from as little as 1p a minute). If you are a tablet user, specialist SIMs are available (select either “iPad SIM” or “Simplicity for Tablets”).

Note: you may select from either a standard, micro or nano SIM, depending on the requirements for your handset.

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