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HiPP Organic

HiPP Organic

Sign-up for the HiPP Baby Club to get free goodies, money-off vouchers, competitions, and other great stuff. Once registered, you’ll receive a free personalised baby calendar, baby development e-mail announcements, a 1st year record booklet, an A-Z of pregnancy and baby health, plus various freebies/vouchers.

The HiPP Baby Club also lets you chat with other mums in the chat forum, plus you can get expert advice from professionals.

The HiPP website contains a plethora of information, covering topics from the early stages of pregnancy right through to toddlers. It includes advice on baby weaning, bottle feeding, sleeping, foods to avoid, baby development, breastfeeding, and much more besides.

Head on over to the “our baby food & drinks” section to see a collection of HiPP Organic baby products for sale (available in most popular supermarkets).

Note: you must be pregnant or have a child under 1 year of age and be a resident of the UK to take advantage of this offer.

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