Free Haircut or Shave in London

Free London Haircut

Free Haircut

Are you in need of a haircut? The London School of Barbering are currently offering free haircuts and shaves to males as part of their professional training course. There are no telephone appointments, so be sure to book online.

The London School of Barbering produces London’s next top barbers and the course is professional and intensive, incorporating all kinds of hair styles, from traditional cuts (like short, back and sides), to Afro-Caribbean and Asian. However, please be aware that applicants for a free haircut need to be age 14 or above.

The location is at 186 Drury Lane in Covent Garden, London. As the “UK’s leader in barbering courses”, the school provides various courses, including clipper courses, wet shaving courses, and more. Online, you’ll discover videos, a blog, plus details on barbering as a career. Don’t forget to check out the testimonials page from satisfied customers!

Please note: if you are attending an appointment for a free haircut, please arrive 5 minutes early since latecomers are not guaranteed. An online system is available for easy booking. The school is closed on weekends.

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