Free GiffGaff SIM Card

GiffGaff SIM


You may not be familiar with GiffGaff, but this mobile service provider is one of the most flexible and best value around. For bang for buck, it’s up there with the most competitive. Sign up within less than a minute to request your free SIM, after which you can select to top-up with a variety of “goodybags” (tariffs or service plans, each offering an allocated number of call time, text messages, data, etc.).

For example, GiffGaff’s £10 goodybag includes 250 UK minutes, 1GB of mobile Internet data and unlimited texts (subject to fair usage). For a mere £5 top-up, you can get 60 minutes of calls and 300 texts per month – ideal for the light/casual user who can go without Internet access. Heavy users can select the £25 goodbag with unlimited texts, unlimited data, and 1500 minutes.

But wait; there’s more! If you have friends on GiffGaff, you can text and call each other free of charge. Refer others to take advantage of further great offers.

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