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TIME Magazine

For a limited period only, request a free issue of TIME Magazine, the most widely read weekly magazine publication in the world. The magazine takes an insightful look at the week’s most critical issues, plus has interviews with thought-leaders, celebrities, business people, and more.

Home to the famous “World’s Most Influential People” top 100 list, TIME is recommended for anyone who wants to keep abreast of the latest issues. Although most popular in America where the majority of the readership resides, the magazine is suitable for a global audience. A number of editions circulate throughout the world: Europe, U.S., Latin America, Asia, and the South Pacific, giving a fresh, international perspective that transcends national borders.

Other special features include “Person of the Year” – a look at the most groundbreaking person or group making an impact in the news (either positively or negatively). To obtain a free copy, enter your details on the short form, remembering to enter a valid UK telephone number.

A representative will then contact you to confirm details and arrange delivery. They will also provide some information on how to subscribe, should you wish to continue to receive the magazine. Allow approximately four to six weeks for the magazine to be delivered.

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