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1Life Card

1Life Card

Register for a free 1Life card, a membership scheme that entitles you to various offers and benefits, such as free activity passes, savings on days out, exercise classes, restaurant deals, swim lessons, activity camps, and more. Aside from the general benefits, the card also entitles you to a 3 day trial for any 1Life venue.

1Life is a leisure, activity and fitness provider, operating over 50 Local Authority leisure centres across the UK. This includes venues such as swimming pools, attractions, fitness clubs, gyms, general leisure centres, and even arts centres. The vast majority are located in the East Midlands, Yorkshire and South East (especially London), but there are a few others dotted around the UK, including the South West, North East and Midlands.

The website provides a wide range of details on the many activities available. Booking an activity is also very easy indeed, thanks to an easy to use online booking facility and customer log-in area. Whatever your fitness or health goals, 1Life is certainly worth investigating, especially if you happen to live in a highly serviced region.

The various programmes available can help you lose weight, get fit, tone up, or even build muscle. And thanks to the membership card, you can enjoy fantastic discounts, not only on fitness activities, but also at other businesses, including restaurants, shops, and resorts. Be sure to refer to the website for up-to-date member deals.

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