20Cogs: Complete Tasks & Earn Rewards

20 Cogs

20 Cogs

Check out this new rewards website, where you can make money by completing tasks and signing up to offers online. Sign-up today for a free £5 welcome bonus. Registration takes only moments and you can begin earning cash immediately.

20Cogs operates by giving you a cut of the commission earned from online advertisers. After registration, you can browse through a host of offers, deals and tasks. Participate in these and in turn you’ll get a cut of the money earned.

For example, if you sign-up for a credit card, enter a prize draw, download some software, or sign-up for an online service, you’ll gain commission. The more “tasks” you complete, the greater the rewards.

Although this site won’t make you rich, it is possible to earn a few extra pounds. There’s a list of recent earners on the 20Cogs home page for motivation! Please note: you are required to complete 20 offers initially, after which you’ll be paid for each additional offer completed.

Get it here: Sign-up for a free £5 at 20Cogs