1) How can all this stuff be free? If you are new to the world of freebies, you may be wondering how so much “free stuff” can be available. Surely there’s a catch? The fact is, there are many spammy/scammy freebies available online, but only a handful are truly genuine. Consider advertisements you see for free iPads/games consoles and the like. Clearly they’re not free. However, nowadays it is common for companies to give away small “tester” sizes of products, especially if a new product is being launched. The Web is where the majority of sampling now happens. Many of the best samples are distributed by large, household names with strict privacy practices in place.

2) Is requesting freebies safe? It is safe if you follow basic and sensible principles. Firstly, only request genuine freebies, such as those found on FreebieShare.co.uk. Secondly, it is important to read the terms and conditions of each offer and opt-out of any marketing materials that may be associated with an offer. Sometimes, companies will add you to their e-mail newsletter or mailing list when you request a freebie. In these cases, you are able to UNSUBSCRIBE (although, for simplicity, we recommend you set up a secondary, free e-mail account for use when requesting free stuff).

3) Can you send me a sample of [name here]? Unfortunately, we do not actually stock any samples ourselves. Rather, we review and link to manufacturer sites, who then distribute their own samples. For example, if a company, say L’Oreal, is running a sample promotion, it will be L’Oreal distributing the freebies. Therefore, if you would like to request samples for a party/event, please direct your question direct to the sample manufacturer.

4) My freebie never arrived! This sometimes occurs when companies are swamped with demand for a particular freebie and cannot meet demand. Other times it can occur simply due to bad luck. Requesting freebies is not a science and companies are under no obligation to provide you with a freebie. Having said that, the vast majority of freebies will arrive (usually within 28 days). It is worth noting the difference between “product samples” and “giveaways”. Samples are more or less guaranteed as long as stocks last. Giveaways operate on a prize draw principle, so in these cases an element of luck is usually involved.

5) How do I get in touch? Just send an e-mail to info [at] freebieshare.co.uk (note: please replace the [at] with an @ sign).