Free AVG Antivirus Software

One of the most popular free anti-virus software downloads on the Net. AVG’s “free” package brings excellent virus detection and elimination, plus a host of other nifty features.

Free Antivirus Software from Avira

Are you concerned about viruses and other types of malware attacking your computer or mobile device? Download Avira Free Antivirus and enjoy solid, reliable anti-virus protection. Available for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.

Free Tickets to Allergy & Free From Show

Here, you can request free tickets to The Allergy & Free From Show, the largest show of its kind in Europe. The show features everything anti-allergy, particularly food and drink, but also products intended to help sufferers of other allergies. Available for London and Liverpool.

Comodo Free Antivirus

An impressive and highly regarded free anti-virus program for Windows. Comodo Antivirus is a great alternative to the many commercial alternatives and is aimed at personal, home usage. Aside from viruses, the software can also tackle many types of malware.

IObit Uninstaller: Remove Plug-ins & Apps

This free program for Microsoft Windows is a powerful and easy to use uninstaller tool. If you need to uninstall programs on your computer or laptop, the standard tool supplied with Windows often leaves traces behind. Use IObit Uninstaller for a thorough uninstall with no leftovers.

Prey: Free Anti Mobile Theft

A fantastic anti-theft program for your smartphone, tablet or laptop. If you are ever unfortunate enough to lose one of these devices, your chances of recovery are pretty slim. That is, unless you use an application like Prey. With this nifty tool, you can track down stolen/missing devices anywhere in the world.

LastPass Password Manager

Do you often have trouble remembering passwords for various websites? LastPass is one of the best free password management services we’ve seen and allows you to organise all your passwords in one convenient place. Save time and stay safe online.

Icecream Apps

Going by the slogan “Free & tasty software”, Icecream Apps serves up a small selection of high quality, free software. This includes useful tools to convert files to PDFs, a screen recorder, image resizer, slideshow maker, and more. For Microsoft Windows.

Free Halfords Winter Car Check

If you are a motorist, you will no doubt be aware that winter is the most dangerous time of the year to drive. To help avert accidents, Halfords are offering free winter car checks to all motorists. Register an appointment today.